One more sleep…..

Welcome to ‘A Long and Winding Journey’!

Tomorrow, we embark upon a trip that we hope will add some very interesting ‘stops along the way’ in our journey. Harvey & I will take to the sky with my brother, Larry, and his wife, Debbie, and wing our way to Berlin.

We were inspired to blog about our journey by the blogs of our daughters. Many of you will have been Wonder & Wanderlust fans, where Kristin & Justine took us along on their 4 month trip around Europe. Please don’t expect this blog to be nearly as informative as that one! Then, Kelsey + Dylan shared the stories of their travels to London & Scotland with us this summer.

So we hope that we are able to provide you with some entertainment as we reflect upon the ‘stops along the way’ over the next three weeks!


Bev & Harvey

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