We go for the croissants…

This morning started with a yoga class, conducted by Debbie, with Bev and Harvey as participants. Harvey dropped out part way through with a foot cramp??

Then we were off on the streets of Prague once more. We walked through the Letka Park, with beautiful views of the city. It also has a giant metronome that was erected to replace a statue of Stalin. Random…


We wandered around the Jewish Quarter, looking at some of the exterior sights, but decided not to visit the interiors.

We did however, stop at the Franz Kafka Cafe, now it seems it is known as Kafka Snob Food, for coffee/lattes and treats.

We also encountered a restaurant that definitely attracted Deb’s attention –

We then made our way through Old Town and stopped to purchase tickets for a Black Light Theatre performance this evening. From there we stopped off at Wenceslas Square for a bite to eat for lunch.

We spent the afternoon exploring nooks & crannies, stopped in at a department store to check it out and relaxed at the apartment with wine & cheese.

For dinner, we traveled just up the hill a bit to U Magistre Kelly, a very small restaurant, obviously family owned & ran. And the majority of the small number of tables were filled with what we suspect were family members, visiting and having a beer or two.

We were expecting some traditional home cooking. What we got would rival some of the finest restaurants we’ve been to. Bev & Deb each had cauliflower soup and spinach salads; Harvey had potato dumplings stuffed with smoked meat and served with sauerkraut that he said was unlike any he has ever had (don’t tell his mom); and Larry had goulash with potato pancakes. The flavors of everything were superb and the presentation was wonderful. And did we mention that all of these meals, and beer, and expresso & dessert for Larry, totalled about $35.

After dinner, we were off to Old Town once more and the Black Light Theatre production of Yellow Submarine, Rock Therapy. This was a very interesting experience. Stay tuned for a guest blog review of the performance, by our own arts critic, Debbie!

Another great day in a great city!



One thought on “We go for the croissants…

  1. I am enjoying every minute of this trip! I have heard that Prague is a beautiful city and can see now that it truly is. The food descriptions and pictures are driving me wild.Harvey, you had me at potato dumplings stuffed with smoked meat and sauerkraut!

    Looking forward to the next post,




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