Now that’s an interesting bit of information….

One last day on the road. Farewell to Walter and the beautiful city of Rothenburg and we set out north along the Romantic Road. This narrow windy road took us along the Tauber River valley and through a number of little villages. Leaving the river valley, we travelled through open farming land, actually quite reminiscent of Central Alberta.

We stopped in a small town upon noticing an interesting showroom in an auto dealer.
20131018-204945.jpgContinuing on our way, we came to the city of Wurzburg and decided to head to the old city centre for a bit. Good decision – it was lovely. This city suffered major damage during WWII but looks great today. We had a refreshment break and then strolled around town. We saw a number of great church exteriors –
20131018-205041.jpg a lovely market –
20131018-205240.jpg the Old Main Bridge (crossing the Main River) –
20131018-205418.jpgthe Marienburg Fortress (13th century fortified retreat) –
20131018-205605.jpg and finished up exploring the gardens of the Residenz Palace, which was the home of the Prince-Bishop.
20131018-205712.jpgWe headed out on the autobahn and passing through countryside that became more hilly & forested, we once again enjoyed the beautiful fall foliage. We arrived at the Holiday Inn Express, checked in and then did a trial drive-by of the airport and fuelled up the car.

For dinner, we crossed the street to an Italian restaurant that was recommended by our friend Glen. We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals – B&H shared a rocket salad with Parmesan (thought of you, Kels & Dylan), Harv had pizza and Bev a calzone. D&L had mixed salads, Deb really liked her liver strips in white wine sauce and Larry had yummy penne with four cheese sauce.

Tomorrow morning, we climb aboard the A330 once more and have a non-stop flight to Calgary. In some ways, time had flown; in others, it seems like we’ve been here a long time – we have seen so much.

I will still make a couple of more posts – some pictorial views of architecture, etc. and some final comments on the places we’ve visited.



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