What’s your name? Harvey. Oh sh*t!

Our first full day in Rio was great!!

Glen had arrived late last night, after a direct flight from Dallas to Rio and a quick trip through customs.

We started the day with a fabulous buffet breakfast that is included in our hotel rate. The variety was wonderful.

Then we hopped in a taxi and made our way to Copacabana. Yes, in the words of Barry Manilow – the hottest spot south of Havana!

The beach was great – long and wide; warm, white sand; waves crashing in. We wandered up and down the beach, enjoying the scenery. The beach wasn’t crowded and despite all of the warnings, we felt completely safe. The temperature was in the low to mid 20’s, which was perfect in the sun.

After some time in the sun, it was time for a beverage – caipirinhas for Liz and I and cervejas for the boys. We enjoyed the drinks, the sights and chatting with a great wandering vendor – named Mr Eddy (pronounced edgy) International. There was also some interesting ‘people’ watching – definitely all body types on this beach…..

We wandered through a market, scoping out some things we might buy later in the week. The renowned Copacabana Palace, made famous by the aforementioned Barry, still stands proudly across from the beach and we took a trip through, to soak up the opulence.

By this time, we needed more sustenance and visited another beach kiosk for more caipirinhas and cervejas, as well as delicious fish tacos. While relaxing, we watched a local beach soccer game. Also, beach volleyball with a soccer twist – they don’t use their hands, just heads, chests and feet.

Most of the people on the beach appeared to be locals, enjoying Saturday in the sand and surf.

After walking a bit more, and Liz and I getting somewhat wet from a rogue wave, we jumped in a cab and headed back to the hotel. The sun was just setting and we snapped a few pictures from the 17th floor deck.

There are only a couple of restaurants within walking distance of the hotel, so we took a quick cab ride to a nearby restaurant and bar district. We walked for a while, perusing menus and atmosphere, and then picked a place we thought looked good. It was a great choice! We all shared a meal of beef tenderloin, cooked on a tableside grill. Accompanied by bacon, rice, fries, onions, tomatoes and broccoli, it was flavourful and fun! We finished off with just a touch of ice cream. 🙂

Back to the hotel for an early night – conference starts tomorrow.

A wonderful way to start our week in Rio!


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