A Last Few Days in Cambridge and London

We have been home for a couple of weeks now and it’s time to finish up this series of blogs.

After leaving Edinburgh, we again travelled by train – this time, back to Cambridge for a couple more days with our girl. We enjoyed the time and again, loved Cambridge. While we were there, Kristin’s cousins, Justine & Alexa, arrived from Canada for a visit! We tagged along as Kris gave them her grand city tour, and saw a few new sights, as well as revisiting some of our favourites.

We tried a new activity with the girls – punting on our own on the River Cam. When we visited in November, we went on a punt with one of the tour companies. But this time, Kristin has had experience punting and we rented our own boat and off we went. Kris has the technique figured out and was able to punt while also being a tour guide of the ‘the backs’ (the river banks behind the colleges). Justine gave it a try and did very well.

Alexa is recovering from a broken ankle and thought it wouldn’t be a good plan for her to give it a try, and I know my limits so gave it a miss. Harvey took over and caught on quickly, moving the punt along at a good speed and with relatively good steering. Kristin had advised that if the pole sticks in the bottom on the river, you should let go. Unfortunately, when this happened to Harv, he forgot the advice and held on to the pole as the boat was propelled forward. This resulted in half of his body taking a dip in the Cam – he did manage to keep the rest of himself in the boat! And with Harvey’s great attitude, he laughed uproariously and continued on punting. This was of course to the great delight of many of the people on the river and the riverbanks!

We treated the girls to high tea at the same restaurant we had visited in November and it was once again excellent! We also had fun at a couple of great pubs.

Leaving our girl is always a sad time – but we are so proud of everything she is accomplishing and know that we will see her soon!

We spent a couple of nights at Heathrow before heading home – this time at the airport Hilton, which was great. We took the tube into London for the day, walked around our favourite sights, with lunch at the Burroughs Market. It was Harvey’s birthday, but in preparation for our flight home the next day, we ordered room service fish ‘n’ chips for his birthday dinner.

I will do a blog with our recommendations and tips for anyone who is interested. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and we hope to share future trips with you!


Bev & Harv

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