London Weekend

Kristin had a full day planned for us on Saturday. We started with a great brunch at Bill’s in Covent Garden and then wandered for a couple of hours. Evidence of the Queen’s Jubilee celebration can still be seen.

The streets were starting to fill with people and we discovered that it was the day of the 50th Annual Pride Celebration in London. The color and joy of the celebration was amazing – although after a couple of years of isolation, the sheer magnitude of the crowd was somewhat overwhelming.

Our next event of the day was at the Phoenix Theatre, where we were so excited to see Come From Away – the hit musical based on the amazing response by the people of Newfoundland when 38 planes, with 6600 passengers, were diverted to Gander Airport after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

The play was wonderful – showing the many aspects of the tragedy – and most importantly, the way the local people came together without missing a beat to take care of the needs of these stranded people in a chaotic time. The cast was amazing and we thoroughly loved the show!

After the play, we navigated the crowds once again and retreated to Kristin’s ‘local pub’, the Warwick Castle for a pint and a great pub dinner.

On our way back to the tube line, we decided to stroll through Hyde Park. Although we knew that Adele had played an open-air concert in the park the night before, we did not realize that she was doing a second concert on the Saturday evening. It was a very pleasant surprise to hear a number of her songs live as we walked through the park! We had to take a detour to our tube station, one that Harvey found quite entertaining.

Sunday – our last day in London for a couple of weeks and another fun day with our girl. We were treated to afternoon tea at the Zetter Townhouse, Marylebone. It was a great tea in a small, eclectic venue, with an interesting twist of a mixture of finger sandwiches and savoury items.

We ended the day at another Maida Vale neighborhood pub, the Prince Alfred, and had a wonderful visit with a number of Kristin’s good friends. Such a great group of young people and such a good visit that we forgot to take a picture. Ah well, we will see them again in a couple of weeks!

The end of a fun few days in London. Then it’s off to Bath – more to come on that later.


Bev & Harvey

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