Cambridge Graduation

Why were we in the U.K. in July? For a very special event!

Our daughter Kristin took a big step in 2018. Wanting to expand her education beyond her engineering degree, she decided to pursue a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). She has loved her visits to the UK and chose to apply at business schools there. She was given the choice of a number of great schools and chose the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Kristin had a wonderful experience in Cambridge and completed her degree in 2019 with graduation scheduled for April 2020. But we all know that the world changed dramatically and events such as these were put on hold.

Finally, after a long wait, the graduation ceremony was scheduled for July 23, 2022. And of course, this was an event we were not going to miss!

Cambridge is a great city. The central core – referred to as the ‘gown’ area – is filled with iconic sites. We have visited there previously so this time wasn’t about the sites. If you would like to read more about Cambridge, have a look at our previous blogs.

Kristin was excited to be back in Cambridge – it was such a special place for her. We spent some time wandering.

On Friday evening, Kristin’s college, Clare Hall, hosted a formal dinner for their weekend graduates and guests. As Clare Hall is a post-graduate college, it was very interesting to meet graduates in a variety of fields.

Graduates meet at their College and walk in a procession to the Senate House where the ceremony is held.

The Clare Hall Graduates

Photography is not allowed in the Senate House during the very formal ceremony. But here are a few screenshots from the video stream of the event.

And some photos after the ceremony….

The Judge MBA grads had a great celebration on Saturday evening. We relaxed.

Sunday, the business school hosted a lovely brunch along the River Cam. It was an casual time to visit – and we really enjoyed visiting with the grads from around the world and many of their parents.

It was a wonderful four days and we are so happy that we were able to experience it! And we are so proud of our girl!


Bev & Harvey

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