OMG – I have the meat sweats….

Welcome to ISQua 2014!

Today was the pre-conference day. Liz and I were up early and had a good breakfast, with our husbands, before picking up our registration packages and heading off for the day of accreditation topics. It was an interesting day. We picked up some good pointers for our practice. Also, we felt that the presentations and group discussions provided us with validation that what we have been doing with standard development and assessment processes is very much on the right track!

We connected with some acquaintances from Canada and the AABB and made some new friends from those with whom we interacted. An excellent start to the conference.

When the day ended, we returned to the hotel to find that Harvey & Glen were missing in action. Not letting that slow us down, we headed across the street to a beach kiosk. While we were enjoying our caipirinhas, the boys came wandering down the street. They had spent several hours walking around Barra de Tijuca and feel like they know the neighbourhood quite well.

For dinner, we headed out on foot to the area we had visited last night.

First we stopped for drinks on a nice patio bar. We were entertained by a singing cab driver on the sidewalk.

We continued walking to a Brazilian Grill that had been recommended to us – the Barra Grill! It was a fabulous experience! All of the food and wine was excellent – the appetizers, the salad bar and the overwhelming amount and variety of meats that were brought around. A Brazilian grill is a great experience – and to experience one in Brazil was amazing!

We walked home from the restaurant, next to the beach. It was a lovely evening and we certainly needed some time to digest! The sidewalks in Rio are quite delightful.


B&H, L&G

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