Winding down a great week

Friday was our last day in Rio! We enjoyed breakfast and then decided we really needed some beach time. So we slipped into our swimming costumes and headed across the street for some relaxing on the sand. The ocean water is entirely too icy for our liking so we avoided that!

After our time in the sun, we headed to check out the major Barra shopping malls. We started with lunch at Joe & Leo’s Burger Place – not your traditional Brazilian name – but nevertheless, the beef burgers were excellent! We wandered around the malls a bit – could have been most anywhere – except maybe for the Palm trees and the Portuguese books in the bookstore.

We then returned to the hotel. Glen left at 5 pm to catch an American Airlines flight to Dallas. Liz, Harvey and I decided it must be time for one last beach stroll. We wandered along the beach and stopped at one of our favorite beach stands for a sunset cocktail.

Later we had snacks at a nearby bar and packed up our suitcases for the journey home.

On Saturday morning we were able to enjoy one last Windsor Barra breakfast before heading to the airport and embarking on our many hours of travel. We had long layovers in both São Paulo and Toronto but all our flights went well. Even despite boarding in Rio, looking for our seats in Row 28 and discovering the plane only had 24 rows! It quickly became a ‘seato libre’ flight and we all sat somewhere and were on our way. We arrived safely in Edmonton at noon on Sunday, Glen had arrived late Saturday night.

It was a wonderful trip – to a city we had never imagined visiting!!

So – thanks for reading – until next time in the long and winding journey….


Bev & Harvey
and our great travel mates,
Liz & Glen

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