Streets of Paris

Just wandering the streets of Paris is a joy! We had intended to use the metro system, which we hear is great, but we found there was always something new to see just by taking a slightly different walking route.

We stayed at the Terrass Hotel in the Montmartre area. We would highly recommend both the hotel and the area. The staff, large rooms and amenities at the Terrass were great. Montmartre is somewhat away from the central tourists and is an trendy area with everything you could want nearby.

The view from our terrace at the Terrass
Mur des je t’aimes, Place des Abbesses
Moulin de la Galette, only two windmills remain of the original 30
Moulin Rouge

Passing by the many shops, peeking in or just taking in the window displays is an activity that delights all of the senses!

Local Montmartre poisonnarie
I swear I didn’t notice the sign in the corner until after I took the picture!
Friendly butcher at the local boucherie / charcuterie
Oh the boulangeries and pâtisseries!
View from the top floor of the Printemps department story – just take the elevator up for a great free view!

Paris is full of parks and green spaces where the locals and tourists both enjoy the outdoors. One interesting fact – the Parisians do not sit on the grass – there are plentiful benches and chairs for that purpose.

Luxembourg Garden
Palais Royale
Tuileries Garden

The covered passages of Paris were constructed in the 18th and 19th centuries as shopping arcades filled with bookstores, independent boutiques, and eateries. A few still survive and we would recommend searching them out. It’s fun to stroll through and explore a few of the shops.

Passage Verdeau
Passage des Panoramas

Around every corner, there is another delightful scene to enjoy. We would encourage you to wander.

We hope you enjoyed our stroll through the street of Paris. We will be back soon with the treats of Paris!


Bev & Harvey

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