Treats of Paris

How can I blog about Paris without mentioning the food? We didn’t go into the Michelin fine dining experience while there – for one thing, the suitable wardrobe didn’t fit in my small suitcase – but nevertheless, we had some fabulous meals and snacks! Have a look!

Our first coffee break – at La Bossue in Montmartre
A great find – Al Caratello in Montmartre – so good we went back again!
Picking up a morning pastry at Boulangerie Alexine, Montmartre

We visited the Sain Boulangerie near Canal Saint-Martin. This award winning bakery was amazing – you can see them making the bread through the windows at the corner and the lovely lady working in the bakery took the time to tell us all about the baking process and the source of their ingredients. It was a great experience – not to mention how much we enjoyed the things we purchased!

The round flat items are tornades – a crunchy puff pastry with carmelized sugar – absolutely addictive!!
More coffee & pastry!
Pizza and wine in the sunshine!
So what can I tell you about French tacos – google them! Who knew – they were actually somewhat tasty, although I’m really not sure about the french fries in them! 🤔
Dinner at Chez Marie on Rue Lepic was so good!!

We enjoyed wine, baguette and cheese while watching the Eiffel Tower come to life with lights one night – a truly magical experience!

Must have a crêpe when in Paris!

There were many more delicious pastries and meals! Paris is really a gastronomic delight – and although it is known for expensive, fine dining, we found that there are multitudes of affordable eats & treats when one ventures off the main tourist areas! Explore – look for the hand-written menus at the small restaurants and boulangeries!


Bev & Harvey

4 thoughts on “Treats of Paris

  1. A warning should be posted stating that one should ensure they have eaten otherwise an extreme case of salivating may occur.

    Thanks for sharing!


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