Paris: City of Lights

Paris is known as the City of Lights!

You may think it’s about the lights that illuminate the city at nightfall. The city is lit up with a thousand lights. It’s beautiful strolling along Paris at night as the city looks so different.

But to be historically correct, the city of lights owes its nickname to the so-called Age of Enlightenment. Paris was the centre of an intellectual and philosophical movement that became the foundation of modern western political and intellectual culture.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of some Paris lights!

Our hotel at night!
Sacre Couer
Sacre Couer
Place des Abessess carousel
Arc de Triomphe
Moulin Rouge
The city of Paris
La Tour Eiffel
The lights twinkle every hour!
Tour Eiffel and the Passerelle Debilly footbridge

Au revoir Paris, à bientôt!

Bev & Harvey

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